FARAVID 31/2007


Marjatta Aittola, The birth of foreign mission work in a branch of the Laestadian movement called the Laestadian New Religious Revival

An organization by the name of The Laestadian Branch of the Finnish Missionary Society (SLLH ) was founded in Finland in around 1907 and 1908. The society had seceded from the main channel of the Laestadian movement and it carried out mission work as a subdivision of the Finnish Missionary Society (SLS).

Although there were only a few members in this society (SLLH), it managed to collect more money for mission work than the old and large Pietist revivalist movement in the diocese of Oulu during the same ten-year period (1920 - 1930). The main explanation for this peculiar situation was that the members of the SLLH had been influenced by such Laestadian leaders as L.L. Laestadius and Aatu Laitinen. Both of these pastors had emphasized the importance of foreign mission work, and especially Laitinen had also pointed out that a modest way of living was appropriate for Christians. The members of the SLLH had a mission newspaper of their own called Kolkuttajan Lähetyssanomia, which also added to their monetary support for foreign mission work.


Faravid 31/2007