FARAVID 33/2009


Sanna Lipponen, Clothing in the chamber tombs in Tarquinia

In my article I reseach the paintings of chamber tombs in Tarquinia and pay special attention to the clothing they present. I look closely into the manufacture techniques, the fabrics and the colours pictured in the paintings and compare these into real archaeological textile remains. The conclusion is that the paintings resemble the original textiles remarkably.

On the other hand, I also compare the social roles of the people in the paintings according to their clothing. The pictures give an insight to Etruscan mourning and funerary banquet, followed by dancing and performances given by actors and actresses. The paintings present mainly the pictures of aristocrats and their children and servants. Each of these groups was clothed differently. The greatest difference can be noticed between men and women. Men are usually naked or half-naked wearing short tunics, mantles, or perizomas, where as women are clothed in long tunics and mantles.


Faravid 33/2009