100 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Lithuania and Finland


Kari Alenius & Saulius Kaubrys (eds.): 100 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Lithuania and Finland. Studia Historica Septentrionalia 86. Pohjois-Suomen Historiallinen Yhdistys, Rovaniemi 2022, 211 s.


On October 14, 2021, one hundred years had passed since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Finland. A history conference was held on October 12, 2021, in Helsinki to celebrate the centenary. The organizers were the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Oulu, the Faculty of History of the University of Vilnius, Donelaitis-seura, the Lithuanian Embassy to Finland, and the Finnish Embassy to Lithuania. This compilation brings together the presentations given at the history conference that have been expanded and updated into scientific articles. In addition to them, two invited articles complete the whole.


Kari Alenius & Saulius Kaubrys: Connected by Geopolitical Location, Separated by Distance: Main Lines of Development of Relations between Lithuania and Finland

Jyrki Paloposki: Relations Between Lithuania and Finland in the Early Decades of the 20th Century

Vilma Bukaitė: Between Tending and Avoiding to Cooperate: The Dynamics of Lithuanian Political Relations with Finland, 1919–1922

Andrius Grodis: Great Britain’s Baltic Policy and Lithuanian–Finnish Relations, 1918–1925

Saulius Kaubrys: The 1928 Lithuanian-Finnish Provisional Trade Agreement: Between Expectations and Opportunities

Jaakko Olavi Antila: Professor Vilius Gaigalaitis, King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden, and the Emerging Evangelical Theological Interaction between Finland and Lithuania, 1927–1936

Isa Tolonen: A Study of Lithuanian and Finnish Wartime Correspondence 1939–1945

Kari Alenius: Rediscovered after Gradual Oblivion: Lithuania in Finnish Literature during the Cold War

Dalia Bukelevičiūtė: The First Decade of Lithuanian-Finnish Bilateral Relations 1990–2000: Challenges and Opportunities