Faravid 52/2021


Faravid – Historian ja arkeologian tutkimuksen aikakauskirja / Journal for Historical and Archaeological Studies

Special Issue: History Culture

Pohjois-Suomen Historiallinen Yhdistys, Rovaniemi 2021, 126 s.





Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen, History Culture as a Marker of Past-discourse


Kalle Pihlainen, “History Culture” and the Continuing Crisis of History

Jukka Kortti, Historical Culture and the Mediated Narratives of Nation

Ilkka Lähteenmäki, Media Conscious Understanding of Historical Popular Culture

Tiina Kinnunen, The Exemplary Minna Canth as “the Brave Defender of All Those Who Had Been Oppressed and Hurt”  – Practices and Politics of Feminist Commemoration in Finland, 1900 to 1944

Kari Väyrynen, History Culture of Living Experience (Erlebnis): Dangers and Possibilities for Historiography in the Era of ‘Experience Society’ (Erlebnisgesellschaft)

Georg Gangl, Historia Magistra Vitae? The Role of Historiography in Culture and Politics